Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wooden Blog

Link to a blog:
Wooden Blog
This is the blog of one of my favorite artists, Adam Phillips. He usually just discusses what he is working on and what software he's using and gives tips and tricks on how to use flash. He has moved on to ToonBoom, and I've been thinking of buying that for a while.
He makes all kinds of cool animations and inspires me to do stuff like this (I made this in flash and the style is influenced by his work, all though mine's a little more creepy and a lot more violent):

If you wanna see more of my stuff, scroll around in the above playlist^^^ (it's all by me)... or, I guess it's not really a blog, but I have a Youtube account full of some good stuff and mostly embarrassing old stuff.


Jon said...

Hey stinky, that video is gross!

ron said...

I approve of creepy animations.

Anonymous said...

Good toons, like the turtle eating the couple it's great

Travis Meidell said...

I am sitting one person away from you right now. How creepy does that sound. Aside from creepy comments like that, I am impressed with your animation. I have never done animation but am starting with a minor next fall. I'll have to talk to you some time.

Anya said...

Cool video (the one we've seen in class), dude! I'm definitely gonna have to check out more of your work. :)

elbrando said...

Your videos are funny and very cool.