Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Conversation Revised

So a guy on Youtube from Florida with the handle of BrightestBlackSheep posted a comment on this video that I made:

Yeah yeah yeah!!!! Break it! Break it!!! Dammit shut up Beavis. yeah yeah yeah fire!!!! Fire!!!!!

Then, in my inbox, I got some messages from him. We had a conversation, and he made a video of himself talking about how he liked my stuff:


Yeah man I saved it to my favorites. Woo doo doo!!!!
VTC (My handle)
Hey, I'm glad you liked our video so much, be sure we had a blast making it, it was one of the greatest times of our high school lives!
I made a plug for you!

Then I thanked him:
Man, youre awesome, thanks for the plug, I watched it, and couldn't be more greatful.
That's no problem man I like spreading the word on talent. Keep it up Bro! Woo doo doo....
Awesome, have you had a chance to watch the rest of it yet? Watch the making of, it is actually really funny, especially the making of part 5, check it out.

And then I put the plug on my channel...
It was cool.

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