Sunday, February 3, 2008

Observations of a kid who celebrated the superbowl.

Only minutes after the Giants had won the
Superbowl, my friend Jon was persuaded by his mom to ignite some bottle rockets to celebrate. She provided the bottle rockets. He walked outside in the cold snowy weather and stuck about 10 bottle rockets into a mound of snow and started trying to ignite them all at once. Suddenly, in the dark of the night, some kids came scurrying out of a yard with a dog close at their heels while cursing. "When the @#@$@ did those people get a dog?" Then, they started walking down the street. Finally, Jon got two of the rockets to fly off. A voice in the night shouted, "Go Giants!" Then, Jon got the rest of the bottle rockets to fly away. Then he came inside and saw me starting to type an observational report about him and complained that enough minutes had passed since he went and did what I was going to write about that it was now writing from recall and I was no longer correctly doing the assignment. I said, "Whatever." Jon left the room, and so all that was left to write about was the cat, who walked towards the kitchen with a somewhat shifty walk, as though he was a bit sick. Then he disappeared into the house. After he left, it was just an empty room with me, Jon's parents, and a show about England on TV. Then, a different cat the family owns has walked into the room. It is worth noting that it is a hermaphrodite cat. Originally, it was thought to be a boy and given the name Mr. Darci. Later, it had a surgery that made it a girl so the family just dropped the Mr. Jon came back into the room, and he shined a laser pointer around. The hermaphrodite cat appeared to think the laser pointer was prey, and chased the dot it made around the room.
The End.


Travis Meidell said...

Nice post. A couple of things you could improve on would be to go over your grammar and run on sentences to make sure everything runs smoothly. Also check over your story and make sure everything goes in order and has a sense of direction to it. Good work though!

Jon said...

You make me sick how you wrote about me. Was i persuaded by my mom, or was that a judgement? Why did you say that the cat looked sick, that was a judgement too dummy. How do you know it thought the laser pointer was prey? maybe it just likes the color, judgmentally inclined kid. There is that enough ripping apart for ya?