Sunday, February 10, 2008

Youtube Conversation

So a guy on Youtube from Florida with the handle of BrightestBlackSheep posted a comment on this video:

Yeah yeah yeah!!!! Break it! Break it!!! Dammit shut up Beavis. yeah yeah yeah fire!!!! Fire!!!!!

Then, in my inbox, I got some messages from him. We had a conversation, and he made a video of himself talking about how he liked my stuff:


Yeah man I saved it to my favorites. Woo doo doo!!!!
Hey, I'm glad you liked our video so much, be sure we had a blast making it, it was one of the greatest times of our high school lives!
I made a plug for you!

Then I thanked him:
Man, youre awesome, thanks for the plug, I watched it, and couldn't be more greatful.
That's no problem man I like spreading the word on talent. Keep it up Bro! Woo doo doo....
Awesome, have you had a chance to watch the rest of it yet? Watch the making of, it is actually really funny, especially the making of part 5, check it out.

And then I put the plug on my channel...
It was cool.

1 comment:

Jon said...

K, so its kind of funny that you don't know how to use quotes, and therefore used italics and bold. It did keep the flow all right, but make sure you specify who VTC is, you aren't THAT famous yet! Also, make sure you let everyone know that you made that movie, and he is directly commenting on your own work. Good job cutsie cakes.