Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Midway Caldera


There needs to be an article about this mystical crater.


Travis Meidell said...

That is a incredibly awesome topic. You should throw into your article the idea that a small child was found in the crater with superhuman strength and was raised by a farming couple. The child went on to become a reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune.
1) You should make sure to keep your wiki commandments to keep on topic and to show your research. Also put links to other pages that might help.
2) Your research should include some references to websites and also to pamphlets or books that might have been written.
3) I would expect what I wrote above about the super child to be added as well as how the crater came to earth and win. What is the crater used for now and have there been any effects in the area of crater poisoning?

Jon said...

1. No original research, and use credible references.
2. I expect a good description, and what it really is, not just a guess.
3.dont be a dumb dumb, and actually make it.