Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Writing For New Media Final

For my online fiction project, I created the fictional band, "Eurolips". They are a German band with bad taste in fashion and music. For the page, I created 4 logos and a special page graphic of the whole band standing in a spotlight. I used a code generator to make a Myspace Music profile in the purple/gray signature Eurolips color scheme.
I got almost 60 people to sign on as friends, and I wrote a blog entry based on the snowflake assignment, and a second blog entry for authenticity. There is also a biography of the band that is based off the style that other European techno bands have written up online. The biography is written in a delusional tone, as though Eurolips is genuine art. I named each of the fictional band members in Faux German, and used photographs of real people (me and my friends) in scary makeup. The biggest effort however, was the production of 3 original songs that were made specifically for the assignment. So far, I've received 6 comments, one in German! But perhaps most hilarious is that in a week and a half I've had 251 plays. Who is listening to this?
I hope you enjoy this piece of online fiction. (Click the image below to link to the site)

Eurolips looking good

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