Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eurolips has a blog entry on Myspace!

Here is the text of Eurolips stilted english blog:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trying to be getting onto the road...
Current mood: bitchy

Because of some very stupid types of bullshit with the other people in the band, and more the German media, we are getting a little behind. As you probably know, DEUTSCHLAND 1940 was mistakenly interpreted by some idiot people as to be glorifying Hitler, however it is a scathing critique you idiots.
Fortunately, ON THE RISE has become a runaway hit with over 30 plays on this page. Thanks to all 30 of you, we know each and every one of you is a big fan.
Anyhow, once we have all been to getting all types of these bullshits behind us, we can try and be ready to hit the road! We might actually be coming to 2 clubs, however, our many U.S. and A fans can't see us yet! Just get excited, we'll see you sometimes soon!

It's right on their myspace page and can be read there as well. Of course I need to fill out more info later.


Anonymous said...

Eurolips RULES!!!!!
k, im a big fan, and want to know if you are single. Is it possible to become an artist page on facebook? i would be your fan there too. I also might start a fan page for you, maybe you could put exclusive media on it. Keep it evil!!

hei hitler!!!!!!

Travis Meidell said...

I think your logo for the band is the best part of this. It looks like a very real logo. I also like your bad english. I would recommend helping to develop a story on the myspace page that is clear. Maybe a story about their attempt to get to the US or the misinterpretation of their first album. It is very good though. Very stylish.